Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Answer Your Auto Body Repair Questions

Yes. The choice of who repairs your vehicle is always up to you.

It’s no problem. Give us a copy of the insurance estimate and we will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Insurance companies know that there might be additional repairs necessary to fix your vehicle. And most of the time they will pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about it coming out of your pocket.

No. We are more than happy to take over the stress of communicating with your insurance company. We are very experienced in working with insurance adjusters. Once you have informed your insurance of the accident, we are able to take over the rest of the process from there.

Usually less than 30 minutes.

It starts with the estimate, our system breaks everything down by hours. We try to handle problems before they arise however there could always be cases of unforeseen delays such as hidden damage, vendor issues or waiting for insurance to look at supplement damage. We strive to keep in contact with you throughout the repair so you know what’s going on with your vehicle and we want to get your vehicle back to you as quick as possible. Quality is our #1!

Yes. Precision Auto Body offers a Lifetime Warranty on our repair work.

If you’re filing a claim with your your insurance then you will have to check with them to see if your policy has rental car coverage. If the claim is going through the at-faults insurance then you’re entitled to a rental car for the duration of your repairs. If you need help setting up the rental car, let us know and we can handle that part for you.