Had an accident?
Let's get started on your repairs.

Had an accident? Let's get started on your repairs.

We know that things can be overwhelming after you've had an accident.

That’s why Precision Auto Body is committed to taking the hassle that comes with vehicle repairs completely off of your hands.

Our checklist will walk you through all of the actions that you should take immediately after an accident.

Need a Tow?

If your vehicle is unsafe or unable to drive after an accident, we can arrange for a free tow to bring it to our shop for repair.

Need Insurance Help?

We are insurance experts and with our help your insurance claim will be processed smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Need a Rental Car?

While your vehicle is being repaired, you may need alternate transportation. We will work with your insurance company to secure a rental car for you.

Need an Estimate?

It's easy to get an estimate for your vehicle repairs. Click here to fill out our simple estimate request form.